Angie Kent Gets Off The ‘Gogglebox’ Couch To Find Love In The First ‘Bachelorette’ Teaser

As this season of The Bachelor is winding down, the excitement for The Bachelorette is ramping up and Channel 10 have dropped a brand new trailer to tease their next spicy adventure.

[jwplayer 2TT8ymo7]

In the teaser, new leading lady Angie Kent goes back to her couch potato Gogglebox roots as she’s seen watching telly with her adorable pooch.

“Oh Buddy, where’s my man at?!” She says, pining for a strapping lad to share the couch with her.

Fellow TV critic Yvie Jones then appears as Angie’s fairy godmother, vowing to make her dreams come true.

Jones weaves her magic and transforms Kent’s t-shirt and ugg boots combo to a cinderella-esque red dress.

“Hot damn, I look good,” Angie says.

She then leaves her house to find a bicycle which Yvie turns into a stretch limo for Angie to ride off in, presumably to her new home: the Bachelorette mansion.

The image then turns into a book, indicating that her fairytale yarn is about to begin.

The Bachelorette is coming soon to Channel 10.