American swimmer Chase Kalisz has complained about the Tokyo Olympics’ swimming finals being held too early in the morning, and honestly, cry me a river.

On Sunday morning, Kalisz won gold in the men’s 400m individual medley, with a time of 4.09.24 at the Tokyo Aquatics Centre. He was one of only six swimmers that broke the 4:10 barrier in the heats, and the only one to do even better than that in the finals.

Obviously, that’s a *huge* win for him – but despite that, the the 27-year-old was upset with his winning time, calling it “terrible” and complaining that the races were too early in the morning.

According to BBC journalist Ade Adedoyin, Kalisz was unhappy about the morning races because they’re not what he’s used to, complaining about having to be be up at 4am. Which just seems wild to me, because this is the OLYMPICS. God forbid the races cater to more countries than just the US!

Ironically, the reason the swimming finals were in the morning instead of the usual evenings is *because* of the US –  American broadcasters pushed for it to be that way. Which obviously is not something Kalisz has a say in, but it’s kind of ironic he’s complaining about a race he won, that happened in the morning to benefit his country’s media coverage.

The question is, why the heck wasn’t he prepped for the reversed schedule?

It’s not exactly new information that the races were to be held in the morning.

As The Guardian journo Kieran Pender pointed out, Aussie swimming teams swam morning races in national championships earlier this year to prep for the change in schedule. Which is just what you’d expect from athletes that are training to compete internationally.

I don’t recall other Olympian athletes from different time zones having the audacity to complain that this international competition’s timing doesn’t suit them.

That being said, it is kind of sad that Kalisz saw his timing as terrible considering he literally won gold. Hopefully this gripe doesn’t overshadow his success.