Melb Storm Star Brandon Smith Is In Hot Water After Dropping 61 Fucks & 3 Kents On NRL Podcast

Melb Storm Star Brandon Smith Is In Hot Water After Dropping 61 Fucks & 3 Kents On NRL Podcast

Good evening friends, it’s that time of the day where I put on my sports reporter hat to give you the latest goss in the footy world. The latest piping hot tea in the land of the NRL. Put a bunch of testosterone-laden men in a field and make them chase after a ball and you’re bound to get drama. These binches are messy, I’ll tell you what, and our latest drama comes from Brandon Smith.

In case you didn’t know, Brandon Smith is a ‘hooker, lock and prop’ for the Melbourne Storm, which sounds to me like a bunch of BDSM terms, but hey, what do I know.

He’s currently under investigation by the NRL’s integrity unit after hopping on a 56-minute interview with the YKTR (You Know The Rules) Sports podcast, where he said “fuck” 61 times, “cunt” three times and talked a lil bit of shit about his club. All in a day’s work I guess.

“I was just looking at the Roosters jersey… going, ‘I want to win a premiership in that jersey’,” he said, despite being a loyal member of the Storms.

For his behaviour, he could potentially be facing a fine of up to $10,000.

A few hours ago, Smith posted an apology to Instagram addressing his comments on the podcast which have found him in hot water.

“It was never my intent to disrespect or come across as ungrateful to the club that has done so much for me and my family,” he wrote.

“And that goes for my coaches, members, staff and most of all my teammates.

“I speak from the heart for better or worse sometimes — and I’m sorry if anyone was hurt by my words”.

brandon smith apology
Brandon Smith’s apology via his Instagram account @hecticcheese.

During the podcast, Smith also claimed that the Melbourne Storm encouraged a ‘drinking culture’, saying “Fuck, we have so many piss ups”.

In his apology notes on Instagram, he also addressed these spicy claims.

“I specifically also want to address the media honing in on my comments around the Storm culture and it being framed as a ‘drinking culture’ they have going on down there,” he wrote.

“Our culture is built on hard work and effort as the main priorities. These comments have been taken way out of context.”

Melbourne Storm has issued a statement on the matter, saying that at the end of Smith’s contract, he will be leaving the Melbourne Storm, which was always his intention anyway after being poached by the Roosters.

“Recent comments made by Brandon in a podcast, and the way he expressed them, do not align with Storm’s values and the way we operate as a club,” said Melbourne Storm CEO Justin Rodski.

“The statements have deeply offended current and former players, coaches, staff and board members and the club strongly rejects the comments made about the Storm culture.”

“We acknowledge Brandon’s apology made on social media today and his willingness now to prepare for the 2022 season with Storm.”

“Brandon has every right to explore future opportunities as any player would in his position, and ultimately we respect his decision to play football elsewhere from 2023.”

Who said there was no gossip in sport? This shit is spicy as hell.