Jack De Belin Hid Under A Bed From Cops At The Lockdown Party, Which Is Some Real NRL Player Logic

NRL players

Several players from NRL team the St George-Illawarra Dragons got busted for having a party in Shellharbour on the weekend, which is a big no-no considering Greater Sydney is currently in lockdown. Some details about what went down are now coming out, and honestly if it wasn’t so infuriating it would be kind of funny.

Speaking on Fox’s NRL 360 last night, the show’s co-host Paul Kent claimed that when NSW Police attended Dragons player Paul Vaughan‘s house after complaints from neighbours, brain genius and Dragons star Jack de Belin, 30, “hid under a bed” to avoid detection. Like, that’s something a seven-year-old might think is an excellent plan.

Kent said on NRL 360: “There’s been an attempted cover-up here by the players.”

“They’ve been outed on it but the players got to the point where when the police arrived, Jack de Belin was hiding under a bed. That didn‘t come to light, I believe, until later.”

On the same show, Nine journo Andrew Webster added that Dragons player Corey Norman, who is also clearly a member of MENSA, decided to escape on foot from Vaughan’s house, seemingly forgetting that his very distinctive car was outside the house.

“Corey Norman… fled the scene without realising his car was parked out front with personalised number plates,” Webster says. Staggering levels of IQ on display here.

All in all, 12 NRL players plus the party’s host Paul Vaughan were fined $305,000 total by the NRL, with chief executive Andrew Abdo saying these punishments were intended to make an example of players breaching COVID-19 protocol.

“This sort of conduct will not be tolerated,” Abdo said.

“There are many people working incredibly hard to keep the competition going — it’s a privilege to play football, not a right.”

Well, well, well, if it isn’t the consequences of our actions.