Two Naked Sunbakers Who Got Chased Through The NSW Bush By A Deer Copped $1,000 Lockdown Fines


Two naked blokes in NSW supposedly had their sunbaking day ruined after a deer chased them into the bush which, through a convoluted series of events, saw them each wind up with a $1,000 fine for breaching lockdown. Classic Sydney, right?

The whole incident took place on Sunday inside the Royal National Park just south of Sydney, which you’ll remember is currently in lockdown. It’s a wild story full of twists and turns, so let’s just leave it to NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller to explain.

“Unbelievably, we saw two men sunbaking naked on a beach on the South Coast. They were startled by a deer, ran into the national forest, national park, and got lost,” he said at a press conference on Monday morning.

“Not only did they require assistance from SES and police to rescue them, they also both received a ticket for $1,000.”

The two men, aged 30 and 49, told police that they had just been chilling on a beach near Otford and that it was a deer which made them run into a bush, and totally not a police patrol. One of them was naked and carrying a backpack, while the other was only half-naked. A totally normal explanation for a totally normal circumstance.

The dudes ended up calling for assistance at around 6pm, with the SES, NSW Ambulance and the cops’ own air support working to rescue them.

Before you start poking holes in their story by saying that deer are only found in Europe, Asia and the Americas, just remember that there is actually a serious feral deer problem in the Royal National Park. So their story does in fact check out to the extent that Bambi’s spawn plague this Earth.

What those blokes were up to in various degrees of nudity on a remote national park beach is anyone’s guess. And guess we did.

Give us a TV adaption already. This incident needs to be dramatised ASAP.

These two blokes ended up being among 44 people in total who were slapped with $1,000 penalty infringement notices for breaching lockdown restrictions on Sunday.

You can read up on all the restrictions in the greater Sydney region here. Because the state government makes no explicit mention of nude sunbaking or deer, let this incident be a stern warning.