The Melbourne Storm Beat The Penrith Panthers To Take Out Their Fourth Ever NRL Premiership

The Melbourne Storm have won the 2020 NRL Grand Final 26-20 against the Penrith Panthers, in what can only be described as thrashing on live TV for most of the match.

It’s the team’s fourth premiership, with the most recent one before this being back in 2017.

The match was pretty one-sided for most of the way through, with the Panthers not scoring a try for most of the first half.

However, the Panthers did manage to turn things around and bring home a couple of tries right up until the very last minute (literally).

It was in that final minute that the Panthers came within one try of the Storm.

But the Storm held firm during that play, and the dramatic ending still wasn’t enough for the Panthers to bring things back.

The Clive Churchill Medal for man of the match went to Storm fullback Ryan Papenhuyzen.

“Thanks to our fans who stuck strong, especially our ones in Victoria,” he said to a half full ANZ Stadium.

“It’s a tough time at the moment and we wear the V on our jerseys with pride.”

While the Storm were the favourite to win, the Panthers just came off the back of 17 straight wins, so both teams had their work cut out for them.

Although there were a couple of debatable calls from the ref’s bunker, the Storm’s victory clear.

But while noone can argue over what team won, a lot of people were did have a bone to pick with the commentators.

More to come.