Loser Baby In The US Calls Police Because He Copped A Hard Basketball Foul

There are plenty of quite legitimate reasons to rush to the phone and call in the cops: Celebrity chefs underpaying staff, the immediate presence of any member of the Royal Family, politicians attempting to humanise themselves by using memes. All perfectly acceptable reasons to summon police and immediately jail the offenders. Getting barrelled over by a weekend warrior at the local gym court, however? You can probably keep your phone in your bag for that one.

A young fellow, so hopelessly aggrieved by a stiff-but-legal shove during a basketball game at a gym in Virginia, has apparently responded not by picking himself up and getting on with shit, but by immediately high-tailing it off the court and dialling in the fuzz.

A Twitter post by a bloke by the name of TrapMoneyBenny has caught fire overnight, showing the offending lunatic hiding behind the cops after taking a tumble off a hard screen.

Look at that. How unbelievably shameful.

For reference, he who 9-1-1’d off a pick-and-roll is the bloke standing behind the cops, arms folded. Old mate in the sleeves is the one who  threw out the screen so unbelievably hard that it apparently warranted the constabulary.

The yarn was elaborated on in a series of tweets after the original post caught fire.

Because the internet is as the internet does, old mate’s egregious display of dog whistling was captured by a fellow ball enthusiast keen to get my dude to own his fucking shame.

Truly unbelievable stuff. Hard to think how you’d even manage to show your face at that same gym again after that. You’d move town, change identity, start anew.

Calling the cops on a rough screen? Simply not something you’d easily recover from, folks.