There comes a time in everyone’s lives, as our childhood years fade away and adulthood becomes an ominous reality, when we realise that our parents can’t keep paying for our shit. Part of being an independent adult, we begrudgingly accept, means being self-sufficient and funding our own expensive habits. Well, a 36-year-old Ohio woman begs to differ. According to reports obtained by The Smoking Gun, Seloni Khetarpal kicked a major fuss earlier this month after her parents decided to cancel her phone plan. So much so, she called the police. Twice.

On February 13, Khetarpal called Jackson Township Police Department requesting that cops head to her family’s residence after her parents decided to cut service to her phone. She was told by the phone operator to “only call for police assistance for legitimate purposes”, the offical report states. Despite this, she phoned the cops again a couple hours later, as she did believe it was a legitimate purpose.

Khetarpal was ultimately charged for “disrupting public services” and faced a trip to Stark County jail. She was released on a US$2,500 bond and is due to head back to court this week.

If this isn’t peak 2020 vibes, I don’t know what is.

In other news, let’s be kind to our parents. They do a lot for us.

Image: Stark County Jail; Getty Images / Maskot