Genius Who Shoved Officer Into Flowerbed At The Cup Cops Assault Charge

Straight-up shoving a police officer into a flower bed, while several other officers are standing right fucking beside you and TV cameras film the whole incident is not the wisest decision, but on Melbourne Cup Day, all bets are off.

Yesterday, a 25-year-old woman did just that, bringing The Race That Gets A Nation Rekt As Fuck to its logical conclusion, and going viral as balls in the process. Peak ‘Straya was achieved, and now there must be consequences.
The unnamed woman was the sixth person to be evicted from the crowd at Flemington yesterday, and it’s not clear what she did before shoving Acting Sup’t Steven Cooper, but she was arrested immediately after, seemingly surprised as officers let her away.
Cooper broke his glasses in the fall, and was otherwise unhurt; nonetheless, the woman now finds herself on the very serious charge of assaulting police, and will appear before the court later this month.
Channel 7 cameras filmed the incident, and last night, the woman – or someone claiming to be her – made a post to the network’s Facebook page saying: “You guys forgot to mention that you told me to do it.”
Under Victorian law, the woman could now face up to $3800 in fines, or six months in prison.