Adidas have revealed the uniform that our eight hundred athletes will sport at the London Olympics, with a collection of garments that triumph function over form, featuring camel-toe repellent bike shorts, fluorescent streaks of acid lime piping, rouched green and gold tracksuits, Southern Cross embellishments and discrete kangaroo prints stenciled into lightweight techno-cooling fabrics.

In keeping with their sole function, the uniforms are just that – uniform. They look exactly like Australian uniforms have – and probably always will – however Adidas officials said that the designers have been rendered in state-of-the-art fabrics that result in harder, better, faster, stronger ensembles and athletes.

British designer Stella McCartney collaborated with Adidas on the Olympic uniforms for the host nation, drawing inspiration from the colour palette and geometry of Union Jack. It’s kind of a shame that Adidas Australia didn’t employ the same thinking here with such an abundance of local design talent to draw from.