While we were all sitting here thinking that Grimes‘ ‘We Appreciate Power‘ was the first taste of her upcoming album, Miss_Anthropocene, she’s gone and shared a snippet of the actual first single from the album, by way of an Adidas advert on her Instagram.

Showing off the new athleisure range designed by Stella McCartney, Grimes leaps and bounds around hills and valleys, with short grabs of abrasive PC music and video game-flavoured glitches dubbed over her movements. One commenter quickly identified some of the glitchy samples as grabs from Minecraft, which just adds to her whole aesthetic, really.

I mean the breathy panting, echoey shouting of “hello?!” and sound of running on gravel gives me very big Zelda vibes, but here we are.

Her ambassadorship of the new range was revealed a while back, when Stella McCartney announced the new sustainable collection.

Further down in the comments, Grimes notes that the track was worked on by HANA, BloodPop, who have previously worked a remix of ‘We Appreciate Power‘, so it’s not surprising that the pair also helped pull together this complex-sounding mix. I mean it’s all these glitchy, PC-sounding samples and then a bar of fast-paced, frantic techno at the end. There’s a lot going on.

Grimes also tagged the post with #gentrifymordor, potentially nodding to the idea that this little clip was shot in New Zealand, but didn’t reveal anything more than that.

Finally, the caption of the whole post confirms that the first single from the new album will be with us on September 13. With no real idea of the track name or anything, Grimes is keeping an air of mystery around this one which is…very Grimes of her, tbh.

Check out the snippit below, and get yourself ready for this time next month when we’ll – fingers crossed – have new music from Grimes.

Image: Getty Images / Vivien Killilea