Well wouldn’t you bloody well know it, apparently Ash Barty has been doing more than just walloping winners all over the grass courts of the All England Club. She’s also been sneakily tipping the the cap to the House of Mouse by using her post-match press conferences to drop Disney references wherever she can.

Yesterday we alerted you to the fact that Barty used her post-match press conference after downing Brit Harriet Dart to throw in a reference to The Little Mermaid because that’s the kind of thing you can just do when you’re a no-fuss legend who also happens to be the current world number one.

But as it turns out, this hasn’t been an isolated incident during Wimbledon. Barty has used every post-match press conference to pepper in a little Mickey-related flavour.

The ABC’s Outsiders cut together the extremely good and cute series of footage, showing Barty not only referencing The Little Mermaid, but The Lion King and Toy Story as well.

In context, that Little Mermaid one is the least sensical of the three, but there’s no denying that’s a fair effort.

Now this begs the question: What’s to come?

Winning a quarter final and quoting some Aladdin?

Enduring a code violation controversy and quipping “Always let your conscience be your guide”?

Raising the plate at the end of the tourney after a grinding three-set thriller and noting that her game plan was to “just keep swimming”?

Whatever the case, after a French Open win and a top-seed billing at Wimbledon, it’s pretty clear that our very own Ash is no longer the Sorcerer’s Apprentice.

Image: Getty Images / Matthias Hangst