So our bloody own Ash Barty, now-certified national treasure and all around legend, bowed out of Wimbledon this morning in a gripping three-set loss to unseeded American Alison Riske. And while that might be enough to get even the best of us down, Barty took the opportunity to present a upped chin, a positive attitude, and a song in the ole’ heart thanks to her now-customary post-match Disney quote.

The world number one bowed out of the Wimbledon singles draw by fronting media and continuing her tournament-long trend of slotting quotes from the House of Mouse into her post-match press conferences; a trend she’d dotted each of her three wins with, and a trend she certainly wasn’t going to let a pesky loss sour.

Speaking to media, Barty threw it back to 1999 and The Wonderful World of Disney version of Annie by stating that, despite the bitter loss, “the sun is still gonna come up tomorrow.”

Honestly, how good. Love that posi attitude. Good vibes only there.

Following her wins in the tournament, Barty has pulled out lines from the likes of The Little MermaidToy Story, and The Lion King in her press conferences.

When pressed about her Disney obsession, Barty remarked that it was just a way to keep what can otherwise be dour, serious affairs light and breezy.

Well it’s caused a little bit of interest hasn’t it? It was a way for us to enjoy it and try bring a little bit more energy to the press.

I love Disney I watch it all the time and it’s just been a bit of fun for all of us and you guys caught on the third time around.

She also stated that there “might be a beer or two” in her immediate post-Wimbledon future, and honestly I don’t think there’s ever been a more-relatable modern sports star.

The hero we need, folks. Onya Ashy.

Image: Getty Images / Pool