An AFLW Player Got Struck By Lightning On Sunday, But Could Still Be Good For Round 1

Absolutely wild scenes coming out of the footy world today, with word emerging that Brisbane Lions AFLW gun Jess Wuetschner was briefly hospitalised this past weekend after, get this, being struck by lightning. And yet somehow despite that, the key forward is still on-track for a round one in appearance in just a couple of weeks.

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The story goes that Wuetschner, a 27-year-old goal sneak from the great state of Tasmania, was working her usual – and physically very demanding – job as a stevedore at the Port of Brisbane docks in the early hours of Sunday morning.

At around 2:50am, as wild storms rolled over south-east Queensland, a bolt of lightning reportedly struck a crane that Wuetschner was holding on to at the time, leading to the current being passed through her.

The former All-Australian was taken to hospital for treatment but was released later that same day.

Remarkably enough, Wuetschner returned to Lions training yesterday, just a couple of days after the incident. Even more remarkably, club doctors have stated she’s very much in the frame for the Lions’ AFLW season opener against Adelaide on Saturday, February 8th.

The Lions have ruled Wuetschner out of contention for their upcoming practice match against GWS this weekend, but beyond that officials are hopeful that her recovery will not impact her season.

Wuetschner, who is second on the AFLW’s all-time goalkickers list, stated that “physically I am A-OK, but I’m still processing things mentally,” and that she was “very lucky and I’m feeling very fortunate.”

She confirmed again that club doctors had given me the all clear to return to training,” and that she was “looking forward to getting back to footy, getting back to normal.”

Struck by lightning. Still probably gonna be good for round one. Christ alive they breed ’em tough in Tassie.