18 Y.O. F1 Gun’s Disgust At Dan Ricciardo’s Shoey Is The Only True Reaction

Before we begin here, let’s stop pretending: shoeys are gross.
They’re far too hot, and fairly disgusting, and have largely become the domain of durry-munching bros blasting Dune Rats out of their beaten-up Hilux radios. We had a lot of fun with ’em back in the day, but now it’s pretty much Australia’s version of the dab.
That said, Daniel Ricciardo‘s commitment to them is fairly legendary.
The F1 gun has made the shoe-swigging observance part of his now-trademark podium celebrations. Owing to the fact that he’s been appearing on the podium quite frequently, this means we’ve been seeing more and more of it.
Not only that, but Ricciardo has successfully been passing it down to those fortunate or bold enough to share the podium with him. Mark Webber has suckled upon Ricciardo’s golden hoof. As has Sir Patrick Stewart for some reason. All of whom have done so gleefully and with no protestations.
Thank christ, then, for Lance Stroll.
The Canadian 18-year-old made history at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix overnight, becoming the youngest rookie to ever score a podium finish in an F1 race, taking out third place in a wild race that saw Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel almost come to blows, and Ricciardo haul himself back from 17th position to take the checkered flag.
As the Aussie stood atop the podium victorious, he demanded Stroll take a drink from his boot, and well…
Extremely same, TBH.

The young man might be more or less the rich kid of F1 (his old man is a billionaire businessman who literally owns a race track, and his Ma is a Belgian fashion designer of some note), but that’s a reaction we can all get behind.

When prompted for a verbal response to the drink, Stroll’s immediate reaction was “I’m too young for this. This is going to scar me for life,” noting that “there’s some dirt in there as well.”
Got it in one right there, young man.
Photo: Twitter.