With ‘Shoey’ Trademarked, Daniel Ricciardo Is Now Considering A… Helmety

So a few days back you probably saw that Formula 1 bosses stuck a middle finger directly in the face of all that is good and proud and Australian by filing a trademark on the term “shoey” in some 25 countries around the world, largely thanks to Daniel Ricciardo‘s habitual post-race podium celebrations.

The trademark applies to flasks, glasses, bottles, mugs, sculptures, and figurines, and means – in a roundabout way – that F1 can produce whatever merch variants of the above they want and slap the word “shoey” across all of them; selling them at a wildly inflated price to race fans all het up on racing fuel and shitty European beer.

It’s a trademark that’s being contested here in Australia by those connected to the Mad Hueys surfing and fishing group, who lay claim to popularising the objectively revolting pastime.

But while it may be a truly disgusting thing by every measurable metric, it’s our truly disgusting thing by every measurable metric, god damn it.

And as such, Formula 1’s trademark is giving Ricciardo some consternation.

Ricciardo missed the whole story as it broke due to his preparations for the upcoming Spanish Grand Prix, but speaking to media before the event he is nonetheless (jokingly) perturbed about the whole thing.

I heard something about that. To be honest I stayed off the internet for pretty much the whole time, but they trademarked the shoey? I don’t know what that means. Can I still do it or are they going to fine me every time? 

Showing characteristic Australian spirit and adaptability, old mate then proposed an alternative.

I’ll take my helmet up there and do a ‘helmety’ or something. I’ll find out more about that. Hopefully they’re not trying to stitch me up.

A helmety.

Yep, good.

Maybe someone needs to market a “glassy” to him so he figures out that you don’t have to drink stuff out of sweaty receptacles.

But hey, go off I guess.