This Tale Of 5 Women Who Bonded Over A Dude Trying To Date Them All Is A+

The world of dating can sometimes seem like a nightmare landscape full of horror stories about people treating each other badly, but every once in awhile something happens that replenishes your hope in the future of the human race. In this case it isn’t the story of a beautiful romance, but the story of women teaming up against one douchebag, ‘John Tucker Must Die‘ style. Brings a tear to the eye.

Lisette Pylant, an office manager from Washington D.C, was set up on a date with a guy by some friends, which all sounds innocent enough, right? Well it was, until she quickly realised that he had set up five dates in a row, all at the same place. Instead of throwing a drink in his face and storming out, Pylant began her own plan to save the rest of the women. It’s…beautiful.

Now THAT is a love story!