MRA Head Cheerleader Bettina Arndt Is Losing Her Mind Over This Genderless Dating Resource

bettina arndt

Men’s rights activist (real thing, apparently) Bettina Arndt has had her ass swiftly handed to her after she called out a university handbook for teaching women (and men) about respectful dating. Arndt claims it was teaching girls to be “uncaring, demanding bitches.”

She took to Twitter to discuss her thoughts on the matter, which makes me question how the absolute fuck she was awarded an Order of Australia for her services to “gender equality” last month.

The image in question, which is part of the Sex, Love & Dating online resource at Griffith University, lists a number of rights that women (and men) have when it comes to relationships.

Right include the right to “ask for a date” and “respect when the answer is “no””,  and the right to “dress how I choose” among a plethora of other basic rights that everyone should have when it comes to intimacy.

The image (and the entire resource booklet) is not gender specific. However, it appears Bettina is not too fond of the idea of making sure everyone knows their rights when it comes to intimate relationships.

Griffith University has developed an entire booklet that delves into many aspects of dating, sex and relationships, which is incredibly important given the high level of sexual assault and harassment that typically takes place during your university years.

“It is a mischaracterisation of both the document’s content and its intent to suggest it is about dating rights exclusively for straight women,” a Griffith University spokesperson told SBS.

“It features information on the role of communication in healthy relationships, highlights ‘red flags’ for unhealthy relationships and important information for people in abusive or domestic violence situations.”

Arndt, who previously embarked on a “fake rape crisis” speaking tour, later defended her actions in a follow up tweet.

While some of the rights, like “dressing how I choose” may not typically impact men, it is important to make sure that everyone (including men) understands that they have a right to ask for more affection, refuse a date and have their feelings heard.

These basic intimate rights extend to everyone, regardless of gender or sexual identity. If Bettina were truly interested in mens rights, she would realise that it is important to make sure that everyone understands their rights when it comes to sex and relationships.