Pls Enjoy This List Of Bonkers Things Women Were Told Would Attract Husbands In The 1950s

TikToker finds 1950s husband tips for women

A British TikToker has shared an absolutely bonkers list of ways women in the 1950s could attract husbands and honestly, some of these… popped the fuck off. Tag yourself, I’m “stand in the corner and cry softly”.

British expat Jordana Grace (@thejordanagrace), who lives in Queensland, found an old magazine from 1958 which had a list of 129 tips women could use to nab a husband.

I know what you’re thinking: “Oh god, not another list of ridiculously sexist rules about women being perfect little housewives with not a body hair to be seen.”

Actually, this list isn’t like that at all — instead, it’s a dramatic and, dare I say, a little camp compilation of tidbits that I think aged kind of beautifully. At least for Gen Zs like me who love ironic chaos. Unhinged antics all day every day baby!

For example, please see tip number 30: “Learn to paint and set up an easel outside of an engineering school.”

Honestly… not a bad idea. Is this not the 1950s equivalent of studying in the bioscience building at uni in the hopes of nabbing a med student boyfriend? We’ve all done it! But there’s plenty more where that came from.


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“Number 17. Be nice to ugly men because handsome is as handsome does,” Jordana read in her TikTok video.

“Number 23. Go to all your high school reunions because there could be widowers there.” Iconic! See what I mean??

“Number 25. Go back to your home town because a wild boy next door might now be an eligible bachelor,” Jordana continued.

“Number 33. Carry a hat box.

“Number 38. Drop a handkerchief. It still works.

“Number 34. Wear a bandaid so he can ask what’s wrong.”

The above one is my personal favourite because it is absolutely something high school me would have done to get a boy’s attention.

And now, the best for last, tip 40:

“Stand in the corner and cry softly because they’ll come over and ask what’s wrong.”

I would literally pay real money to know what the other tips in this list are. I need to know!!

Thank you, dear whichever magazine this came from. I am now equipped to find the man of my dreams.