In The Most Iconic Show Of Pettiness Known To Man, This OnlyFans Star DM’d Her Trolls’ Husbands

Onlyfans and TikTok star Roxy Stylez gets revenge on her trolls by messaging their husbands and flirting with them.

A sex worker has decided she’s had enough of women saying “nasty” things to her on TikTok. So, she’s getting back at them in the pettiest way possible: by sliding into their husbands’ DMs.

Roxy Stylez (@roxystylezz26) is an OnlyFans content creator who posts sexy vids to TikTok, many of which are scenario based. Some of her videos will ask questions like “Ladies, do you do [insert sexy thing] for your husband? Because I will.”

The whole thing looks to be fantasy sex content for married guys, which is perhaps a problematic genre but hey, she’s not the one in a relationship. However, after a video of Roxy asking women if they’ve told their husbands they “look handsome today” blew up, married women in the comments began hating on her for being a “homewrecker”. Never mind that it’s their husbands seeking out this content in the first place.


Wait for my threat at the end 🙊 im already hunting ladies.

♬ original sound – Roxy Stylez

“I want you to think about this: if I could come in and tell your man that he’s handsome and just doing that would create the possibility of me taking him from you, he’s not the one for you,” she said in a video addressing the haters.

“All of you women who commented on my post, saying nasty things? I’m coming for you. And your profiles. And I’ve already looked at a lot of your men, and looked up which ones I’m gonna take.”

And then she did.

In a follow up video dedicated to all the “women who thought it was such a good idea to comment nasty things”, Roxy stalked several of her trolls’ TikTok profiles. She clicked on their linked Instagram accounts, found their husbands’ profiles and then DM’d them a simple “hey, how’s it going?”.


🙊 you might wanna take a seat

♬ original sound – Roxy Stylez

I’ll be honest, it’s a little unhinged. The power this woman holds… terrifying. The energy? Ruthless. Are these powers being used for good? Probably not.

But also, it’s not that hard to be nice on social media. Just don’t send hate messages and your husband’s DMs will be safe? Really, I am a firm believer in “fuck around and find out.” And also in the “good for her” genre. Bullies facing consequences for their cruel words is my guilty pleasure. So, mesmerised, I must keep watching.

Roxy posted an update on her revenge story later, revealing that while one Instagram account was deleted (she suspects the wife was involved), the two other husbands she messaged… responded to her. Yikes!


Hide your husbands

♬ original sound – Roxy Stylez

One of the husbands told her she was “out of this world” in a cheesy pick-up line that is def inappropriate coming from a married man. The other told her: “Honestly, your looks caught my attention. But after I regained focus, holy fuck, you’re hilarious too”. FFS.

Roxy clarified in a later video that she has no intention of actually being with these men.


The tea is coming

♬ original sound – Roxy Stylez

“You think I want your trash?” she said, addressing her trolls.

“I’m just going around proving to you that you don’t get to be a free bully without receiving some consequences.”

She summed it all up in a previous video: “Ladies, I don’t want your fucking man. But if you’re mean to me, I’ll show you I can have him.”