A TikTok Psychic Just Spilled Her Top 3 Hangover Tips & None Of Them Include Kebabs

a tiktok psychic tells us about hangover cures

Energy healer, medium and meditation guide Nicolle Merrilyne has just dropped her three essential tips for a hangover cure. TBH we are in complete shock that smashing a greasy kebab isn’t even one of those three possible solutions.

In a TikTok captioned: “3 things I do before drinking alcohol as a psychic medium” Nicolle with two L’s (and clearly a third I) takes us her divine hangover cure ritual and leaves me wanting to join a yoga retreat. Kind of…


How has your relationship to alcohol changed since having a spiritual awakening? I rarely drink anymore (not against it just my choice) but when I do, these 3 rituals SAVE ME! @Nicolle | Spiritual Mentor Try them and let me know how it works for you! #alcohol #sobercurious #spirituality #psychicmedium #spiritualawakening #healingjourney #heal #spiritualitytiktok #personalgrowth #energy

♬ Au Revoir – Sweet After Tears

“Alcohol loosens your energetic boundaries and opens your crown chakra making you more susceptible to negative entities,” she begins.

Not gonna lie to you, folks, I can already feel my crown chakra opening after just four seconds of watching this video. What an enlightening peek behind the hangover cure curtain.

“This is why sometimes people act like a totally different person when they drink, or feel like something took them over,”Nicolle with two L’s continues.

Without further ado, she hits us with vital hangover cure knowledge.

Tip #1. Protect yourself and your crown by placing a protective shield or rose around your aura.

Tip #2. Ground the drink to clear out anyone else’s energy and any negative energy.

Tip #3. Set the intention for drinking and send it into the drink while stirring three times to the left.

I’m gonna nod my head and pretend I understood what all that meant.

Each to their own but I reckon you can achieve an equal or greater connection to to pure, hangover-free bliss by consuming a 4am kebab.

There’s just something awakening about the oil from the pitta bread infusing with the fillings to neutralise all the bad decisions you made that night and help you curl up into a little toasty cinnamon bun in bed.

My hangover cure methods have never (read: always) let me down and I’m too stubborn to ever change them. In saying that, it’s nice to see other methods in action to keep things interesting.

Party on!