Long have we all tried—in vain—to curb the crippling dregs of last night; fighting hard to stave off the burden of a mind-numbing, debilitating hangover. Just hook it into our veins, we say, catching sight of everything on menulog, while considering the benefits of straight up bathing in cold brew.
We’ve tried food. Essential oils. Vomiting. And apparently, some of us are trying to fight fire with fire, and cure hangovers with nausea.

Turns out all our efforts are for nought, as SCIENCE! tells us today that no hangover cure exists.
Per a Dutch study at Utrecht University, researchers compared the varying extents of  subjects’ hangovers, analysing the severity of hangovers from people who drank water before going to bed after drinking; people who drank water between alcoholic drinks, and people who ate fatty foods after drinking alcohol.
And, according to their results, all three groups were equally fucked. 
According to the BBC, lead researcher Dr Joris Verster noted the benefits of drinking water while consuming alcohol, but claimed H2O could only do so much. “Drinking water may help against thirst and a dry mouth, but it will not take away the misery, the headache and the nausea.” Verster said, “it’s very unlikely we’ll find an effective cure.”
The study, we can only assume, failed to test the Swanson Method.
Commenting on the findings, Dr. Michael Bloomfield from University College London did vouch for one remaining, failsafe cure.

“This new research tells us that the answer is simple – drink less.”

via BBC.