Young Aussies Shared Their #1 Hangover Cures So Here’s Some Tips For Your Next Day Ruiner

The great thing about chatting to dozens of young Aussies every month is that you pick up some great tips for navigating life. This time, we’re talking hangover cures.

We’ve all been there: one too many Froth Whitlams the night before and suddenly you’re doubled over on the couch for 12 hours, hoping the pain will end.

So how do you cope in these situations? We asked 27 young Aussies exactly that for our latest 27 Pedestrians episode. Turns out: there’s a few common themes here.

Take note for next time, and maybe you’ll have a ~slightly~ better hangover.

Or, as 27 Pedestrian and rapper Jake Fitzhenry put it: “If you treat a hangover right, it’ll treat you right.”

Greasy Food

Not shocking, I know. For me personally there’s nothing better than an Oporto Bondi Burger with extra chilli sauce to save me from the throws of hangxiety. Heaps of you told us a greasy feed was your #1 fix, whether that’s a Macca’s breakfast, bacon in any form, or anything from the Petersham kebab shop.


Okay wtf. I know some people swear by exercise to sweat out their alcohol demons, but I thought those people were limited to fitness influencers lying on Instagram. And yet. And YET. More than one of you said exercise was the cure. A swim in the ocean I can just about get on board with, but a spin class? Get outta here.


It’s no mystery that alcohol makes you super thirsty, and not in the gettin’ naked kind of way. Heaps of people said water and Berocca were their key methods of fixing a hangover – and one legend said it was mixing tequila shots with Berocca the night before. Nice.

A tactical vom

Cheeky spew, having a tac – whatever you want to call it, sometimes it all just needs to come…. up. There’s a few rules that need to be applied here. First of all, making yourself vom long-term is bad (think of the acid on your teeth ALONE). Second of all, if you’re doing it on a night out, your next step better be heading straight home to brush your teeth, chuck a litre of water, and sleep for 12 hours. Third…. actually, we’re good. That’s it.


There are two people in this world: those who can sleep through a hangover, and those who wake up at the bum-fuck crack of dawn. I am the latter. There’s a scientific reason for this. After a few hours of deep, alcohol-induced sleep, your body experiences a ‘rebound effect’, meaning it snaps out of the drugged-like state and catapults you further into a spoke of wakefulness. Yuk.

Not drinking in the first place

Okay. I see you. You’ve got your life together, found healthy ways of coping with life’s problems, and probably a fully intact memory.

Several of you told us you simply didn’t drink alcohol (or hadn’t for many years), and honestly, my hat is off to you. It’s not easy to stay sober in a society that equates drinking with sociability. Maybe one day, after a particularly disgusting hangover, I’ll join you.