We Asked 27 Young Aussies About Their Secret Fetish And Received A Fistful Of Wild Answers

In our second instalment of 27 Pedestrians, we asked our Aussies about fetishes. Did they have one? Maybe more than one? Would they be willing to spill?

It’s estimated anywhere between 1 in 6 to 75 percent of people have a fetish. (Look, the data isn’t exact here – just know that a lot of people have one, okay?)

Some of the more common ones you might be intimately familiar with – domination, submission, spanking, etc – and others you might have heard of, but never come across in your personal life. Think: golden showers, a Daddy fetish, fisting, that kind of thing.

Then there’s a few fetishes you might have never come across at all. Blood, anyone?

One of our 27 Pedestrians, Isla Rose, told us she unexpectedly discovered a thing for blood.

“There was one time I was having sex, and I kind of tore, and some blood came out, and the person I was with was kind of shocked, and I was like, um…. can you keep going?” she told us.

“Sometimes I wonder about being a vampire.”

Others were more specific in their desires.

“Canadian philosophy professors, especially ones with big brown eyes,” Cloudy Lilai, 24, said.

“It seems so outrageous that this could ever be fulfilled, but I’ve actually had two professors in my university degree that were this thing, personified. I didn’t even know I had it until I had these guys [as lecturers].”

She said she’s even requested Canadians to read erotic literature. We stan someone going after what they want!

Not everyone had a fetish though, which is perfectly normal! Some of our Pedestrians spoke about what they were attracted to in another person, like their smile or their conversation or whether the nail polish on their fingers and toes matched. (Better book that pedicure.)

Still others were hoping a fetish would come – someday.

“I’ve just only reached a place where I’m in a comfortable relationship where I can have safe, consensual sex, so I think hopefully, fetishes will come later,” Sue Kang, 26, said.

“And I look forward to that.”

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