PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with Platypus Shoes for Sneak Up, a new podcast for peeps who do things their own way.

Aspiring muso? Travel fiend? Broods lover? All of the above? Perk up those earholes.

Platypus Shoes is currently knee-deep in its Discover Series which sends three people – aspiring musos, artists and dancers – to different parts of the globe to hang out with their idols/mentors.

All ya have to do to enter is upload a vid or a snap of your talents with the hashtag #PlatypusDiscoverSeries, and you could be packing yer bags for a deadset trip of a lifetime.

Georgia and Caleb, better known as Broods, have been tapped for the music side of the project, and we managed to have a wee chat with ’em for ep 12 of the PEDESTRIAN.TV X Platypus Shoes poddy, Sneak Up (above).

As the bro/sis duo relocated to LA some 3.5 years ago, that’s where the winner will be sent to sink some bevs and get a life tip or two from the NZ natives.

Pack your sunnies and, for the fair-skinned, sunblock. It gets steamy over in the States.

For our poddy chat with the Peach banger-makers, host Jack Colquhoun probes into their move to LA, how they’ve evolved as a single unit and the motivation behind Georgia’s Venus Project.

The Venus Project is a team of all-female collaborators who have recently put out a joint album, and Georgia explains that it’s all about “pushing local female talent”.

“It feels like as a woman, you’re only good from a woman’s perspective and not as a person’s perspective,” she continues. “The whole feminine expression should be universal, as every human being has a bit of feminine, has a bit of masculine, and the more people try to really engage with art which comes from both sides, the more they’re going to get a rounded perspective.”

Georgia and Caleb also bring up the advice their ‘rentals gave them, which is essentially ‘do what you love but prepare for it to be a hard slog’.

Yas Ma and Pa Broods, keeping it real and being supportive at the same time. What a combo.

You can get more deets about the comp and hear even more of Broods’ general shenanigans by chucking ep 12 of Sneak Up a listen.

For the rest of the episodes, you can listen to them below or scope out your usual streaming services.

Image: Instagram / @broods