Is Social Media Helping Or Hindering Emerging Artists?

Beastman art

Ep 11 of Sneak Up has landed.

The PEDESTRIAN.TV X Platypus Shoes podcast has ventured into the art world this go-around, chatting to mural master and ex-Sydneysider, Brad Eastman (aka Beastman).

The Bali resident relocated to the island four(ish) years ago, often jetting back Down Under to work on a slew of projects in rural and metropolitan pockets across Aus.

It’s the rural projects that are of particular interest to ol’ mate Beastman, as he’s often tapped to wield his brush at a buncha schools where he gets to chat to (and hopefully inspire) future creatives.

Poddy host Jack Colquhoun chews the phat with Beastman about how the skating scene piqued his interest in art, the rando jobs he worked before finding his groove, and whether social media has made it trickier for new artists to be 100% original.

As our boy Beastman puts it: “It’d be hard to become an artist these days. There’s so much artwork out there and you can see all of it on your phone in an instant, so I try not to be too influenced by other artwork or other artists.”

Beastman is also the second creative to join Platypus Shoes’ Discover Series, a new project looking for uber-talented musicians, dancers and artists to fly to either LA, NYC or Bali.

If you’re a keen as drawer/painter/quite literally any form of artist, just upload your work to Insta with the hashtag #PlatypusDiscoverSeries and Platy could be flying you to Bali to hang out with Beastman for a one-on-one mentor sesh.

Beastman also suggests that what he and the winner get up to is completely in the winner’s court – if you wanna spend a few days painting your heart out, he’s in. If you wanna surf it up then Beastman’s down for that too.

Easy, breezy.

In the meantime, wrap your earholes around every Sneak Up ep ever below, or scope them out on Spotify or Apple Music etc.