Broods Prep Themselves For Gigs With A Healthy Dose Of Johnny Farnham

Look, you’ve probably been hearing a lot from New Zealand bro-and-sis electropop duo Broods. Their first single ‘Free’ from their new album ‘Conscious’ got a whole stack o’ airplay on Triple J and beyond, and the followup single ‘Couldn’t Believe’ is copping similar exposure. They’re on the way up, you could say.
They’re also heading across the pond to Australia in a couple of weeks too, and if you’re keen on that, dates are below:

Fri 8 July ­ The Tivoli –  Brisbane
Sat 9 July ­ Enmore Theatre – Sydney
Mon 11 July ­ The Forum – Melbourne

We love hearin’ what artists are spinning on the decks when they’re touring, and we wanted to know what kinda eclectic mixes Broods would be blasting. And to their credit, they’ve delivered on that front: there’s everything from Nelly Furtado to John Farnham to Chopin.
Basically, a solid array for a wintry road trip, if that’s your vibe. Let no one ever tell you that getting loose on a tour bus while vibing hard to Paul Simon isn’t possible, because it absolutely is.

Broods gave us an insight into some of the wilder choices here:

Vera Blue – Settle
Sure excited to have Vera Blue touring Australia with us. Our little sister Olivia played us some of her music and we instantly fell in love with her.
Jarryd James – Sure Love
Jarryd is a good friend of ours. We recently collaborated and feature with him on his new single ‘1000X’ and he’s coming on our big North American tour with us. He is the best and his voice is unparalleled in it’s impressiveness.
Joey Purp – Girls @ Ft. Chance The Rapper
Love this song so much! You can’t be in a bad mood listening to it. As the chorus says “When they hear this jam, they can’t sit still”… he must be talking about us!
Neil Diamond – Kentucky Woman
One of our Dad’s favorite songs. He used to play it for us all the time as kids, so whenever we get homesick we put the song on to remind us of home.
John Farnham – You’re The Voice
This is the song that we like to walk to the stage blasting on our little speaker, it just has this great feeling that makes everyone on the team come together before a show and also takes the nerves of a little when everyone sing it it together.
Paul Simon – You Call Me Al
When we’re on tour we like to set up a big mirror in our green room backstage and 30 mins before we go on stage the band turn on this song and hype ourselves up by dancing around, pretending were in an 80’s music video. Pretty cool huh?
Chopin – Nocturne OP9 – No.2
Our amazing tour manager Carla is a huge fan of classical music and when were wake up on our tour bus she usually has this song or something similar playing. it’s a nice way to start the day and as she is always the first one awake, she sets the music for breakfast.
Phantogram – You Don’t Get Me High Any More
Phantogram have been one of our favorites for a long time and this latest song of theirs has us super excited about the new album from them!
Nelly Furtado – Parking Lot
This is probably the most underrated song of Nelly Furtados’ career! Matt from our management introduced us to this song.. he has exceptionally great music taste and a great knowledge of undiscovered pop gems
Justin Timberlake – Let The Groove Get In
This song is a great morale booster on tour. It’s just one of those songs that makes you smile, we will often get ready for a show to this song.

Lou Reed – Wagon Wheel
This is a classic favourite in our hometown, Nelson. But this track also reminds us of the time we were on tour in the U.S, just cruising down the freeway, and one of the wheels on our tour bus decided to come off and we ended up holding up traffic for an hour. We were very popular that day. 

Source: Supplied.