Who on god’s green earth isn’t guilty of leaving mates, love interests, relos etc on read? Huh? No one! The only difference is, us normal folk don’t brag about it in the press like certain musicians who shall not be named (*cough* Billie Eilish *cough*).

During her appearance on Complex’s First We Feast, the singer admitted that she recently left singer Shawn Mendes on read and a million teenage girls just collectively died from a mixture of shock and rage.

“Shawn Mendes texted me, but I didn’t respond,” she said before laughing.

As the vid started doing the ’rounds on social media, Mendes retweeted the shady reveal and simply but effectively wrote, “LOL wow.”

The bb-faced singer has long been a fan of the ‘Bad Guy’ songstress. Back in June, Shawn even tweeted his praises at Billie, writing:

“I think you are just really crazy-talented and everybody who hasn’t listened to your music is seriously missing out.”

It’s like when you see a mate in person and call them on ignoring your texts and they do the whole ‘Yeah, sorry, I meant to reply!’

Nah ya didn’t mate, nah ya didn’t. And ya know why? ‘Coz you’re shit.

@shawnmendes, DM me for my number ‘coz I would absolutely never leave you on read.