The South Australian State Government has officially flung the doors open on the brand new, $2.3 billion Royal Adelaide Hospital today, with the Emergency Department taking cases and the mammoth task of moving existing patients between facilities well underway.

And while, so far, operations at the new facility are going off without a hitch, the new building apparently got some rather unexpected first residents earlier today.

A mother duck and a whole mess of tiny wee ducklings has apparently taken up residence at the new building, instantly upping the hospital’s cute factor by about 50%.


The multi-billion dollar facility at Port Road took over from the old building early this morning, with the old Emergency Department closing at 6:59am and the new one taking over at precisely 7:00am. The transition between departments was reportedly smooth, with no patient left outside locked doors waiting; the first walk-up patient arrived at the new facility at 7:02am.

SA Health asserts that it is on-track to complete the move of patients between hospitals by the end of tomorrow, with a fleet of ambulances moving the first 130 patients yesterday.

But also, ducks.

Little duckies.


Water snoots.

Bless ’em.

Image: 7 News Adelaide.