There are Insta accounts for everything these days – everything. In the past we’ve brought you sassy Prince George courtesy of Will and Grace executive producer Gary Janetti. And of course we can’t forget ‘Australia’s Best Hats’ which as the username suggests is a collection of Australia’s best hats.

Today, because it’s Friday, we have the Dogs In Food Insta – doggos photoshopped into all sorts of foods and we don’t know whether it’s cute or bloody terrifying.

Without a doubt, the hooman following of anything to do with dogs has grown exponentially since social media happened. Just on Facebook you have the extremely serious and legitimately-thought-of-a-sport Dogspotting Group. 

What is Dogspotting, you ask? It’s a Facebook group with 956,954 active users who spot dogs unknown to them for points. Posts with known dogs are immediately deleted – it’s serious, very serious. There’s even a Dogspotting People’s Court if you want to challenge a deletion. Not a joke.

And then there’s the Cool Dog Group with 601,826 members. No rules here, just a ton of heckin’ adorable dogs.

ANYWAY, Dogs In Food has been around since late January of this year and ever since its inception, the account has accumulated a mighty following of 420,000 people.

There are your classic photoshops of Labradoodle puppies into fried chicken:

Crispy fried pup drumsticks ???? ???? . . @simba_toypoodle @foodsogoodmall

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And then there are your punny ones.

This one’s appropriately and simply captioned “Corn dog!” 

Corn dog! . . @bonodoodle

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I feel uncomfortable.

But look, some of these posts are adorable:

Went pupberry picking yesterday! #pupberryseason . . @cupcake_pug

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Testing these vegan no bake pug cookies from @sixvegansisters ???? . . @gilesthepug

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So yes, some are admittedly cute but others – others are horrifying and will haunt your dreams forever and ever:

Carrot pup cake with cream cheese frosting! (@remi_the_teddy @livewellbakeoften)

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I’m uncomfortable again.

Without a doubt, the photoshop editing is extremely impressive – I can barely line two images up together.

Also, as per Dog In Food’s bio: “DM me if you want an edit of your [doggo] in [food].” 

Well, there you go.

Happy Friday.


Panko crusted cocopup shrimp ???? . . @samsonthedood

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I can’t stop stalking, someone send help:

Sharpei soup dumpling ???? . . @filson.yosen @thirstyfortea

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Image: Instagram / dogs_infood