It’s International Puppy Day So Here’s A Bunch Of Insta-Famous Doggos 

Yep, that’s right. March 23 is International Puppy Day but it’s not just about how bloody adorable our furry friends are. Today actually has a very important message and that’s puppy adoption awareness.

IPD was founded by American pet and home lifestyle personality, Colleen Paige in 2006. Colleen marked the day to raise awareness of the still common problem of puppy mills across the world.

Late last year, Victoria passed a bill issued by animal-welfare group Oscar’s Law that put a cap on the amount of dogs that breeders were allowed to own and use for commercial use. From 2020, breeders will need ministerial approval to keep more than 10 fertile female dogs. The bill passed also means pet stores will be banned from selling puppies from 2020.

Oscar’s Law is named after Oscar the dog, who was rescued at a puppy factory after spending the first five years of his life in a shed to supply and resupply puppies for pet stores.

Earlier today, Oscar’s Law’s twitter retweeted the below.

And now to some world famous dogs who all have more followers than I could ever dream of.


Warning: this video will melt your heart.

Behold, one of the sweetest, prettiest, and most loved huskies out there. This is Millie and she has a brother named Rupert and they are beyond spoilt on so many levels.


This is Phil, the Alaskan Malamute and he looks like Bear from Bear in the Big Blue House. 


Doug the Pug has the official blue tick of ‘very famous’ on insta with about 3.3 million followers. This is also Doug in a bumblebee outfit.


This is Pattycakes doing a reading. His brother, Pikelet – full name Pikelet Butterwiggle Stoll – has a book called, The Extraordinary Life of Pikelet’. Pikelet was a rescued pound-pup and now spends his day being adorable and a Rescue Ambassadog. You can find out more about Pikelet, Pattycakes and the book HERE. 


This is Manny. He’s a French Bulldog and possibly even more loved than Millie.


And this is Kono the Golden Retriever. When he’s not being adorable, he’s a therapy dog in Disneyland and gives lots of cuddles and licks.

Happy International Puppy Day, friends.