Q: Is there anything purer than dogs?

A: I dunno, you tell me.






And now, here is yet more evidence that dogs are God’s own creations, that we are not worthy of them and that we’d be entirely lost without them: a whole fleet of comfort dogs has descended upon Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas to bring cheer and lots of sweet soft snooty kisses to the survivors of Monday’s terrifying attack at the Route 91 Harvest Festival on the Las Vegas Strip.

The dogs are there courtesy LLC K-9 Comfort Dogs, a group that exists solely to comfort and support survivors of tragedies. Tanks to Buzzfeed‘s Jim Dalrymple II (nice name), we get to absorb their goodness second-hand, via a bunch of very, very good photos.

Probably nothing in the world feels better than being greeted in your darkest hour by a gentle, bandanna-wearing Golden Retriever named Cubby or Lois. (I told myself I wouldn’t cry writing this, but here we go.)

Recovering shooting victim Michael Caster told Buzzfeed about the special kind of comfort a dedicated comfort dog can bring to your hospital bedside:

You kind of look to the dog for some clarity. Your mind’s totally on what you need to do going forward and the tragic nature of this event. And they bring the dog there and they’re so innocent.


President of the comfort dog charity Tim Hetzner explained how important a touch of pupper therapy can be:

People relax, their heart rate goes down. Through that process they start talking about what’s happened, and talking about what’s happened is a critical part of healing.

The world agrees.

While we’re in dark and unnerving times, at least we know that dogs will keep on being pure, being good – and being there for us when we need them the most. Good dogs. Good, good dogs.

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Source: Buzzfeed
Image: Twitter / @JimDalrympleII