The Bay Area train system was brought to a very near halt in the last few hours when, during the San Francisco morning commute, a rascally dog got onto the tracks for a bit of a run around. Small dog playing with the big, metal, scary dogs that don’t bark but do sometimes screech and honk.

The mischievous pup threw the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) team into a bit of a tizzy as he darted in and out of sight, making it very hard to catch the silly boy.

Ah, naughty pup. Don’t you know the humans are trying to get to their very important jobs today? The BART team were relentless in their rescue mission of the dog, who was proving to be a bit of a frustrating little jerk.

Major delays, but who can be mad at a dog for pushing back your morning? There are much worse things to cause a rail delay, so let’s be honest – this dog is not a bad dog, just a little lost and probably spooked.

Quite a few commuters managed to get some very blurry shots of the rogue dog, which makes it look like it’s actually some kind of mythical creature and not really a dog. I give to you, BART dog of the Fremont Line.

The wiley woofer was eventually caught by local animal control and oh God would you look at that face he truly is very sorry for ruining everyones’ morning.

Bless you, BART pup. I know you didn’t mean to literally stop traffic and I forgive you for just trying to have a run around.

The infamous BART dog has been taken to a local animal shelter where he was found to not have any tags, and has been put up in the daily lost & found listings.

Dear BART dog’s humans – please come and pick up your naughty pup. He’s been a very silly boy and he’s very sorry for running away.

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Image: Twitter / @Cmagnus_SFBAY