This Sneaky Pup Committed The Ultimate Crime & Nicked A Whole Empanada On TV

Being on TV can be a bit of a tough slog, especially when you’re hungry as hell (I imagine). It’s hard to not just have a little snack, especially when there’s a bunch of delicious food just sitting there in front of you, begging for to be eaten.

A naughty puppy – yes, all dogs are puppies, get over it – has taken his hunger into his own hands, sneaking an ENTIRE EMPANADA from right underneath everyones’ noses.

But because literally nothing gets past the Internet, it’s gone bloody viral.

But hang on, maybe there’s actually a conspiracy here.

Regardless, Empanada Dog became the true snack hero that we deserve.

This guy identified heavily with the Empanada Dog, because hell this has absolutely been me at parties when there’s speeches going on and there’s a charcuterie board waiting to be devoured.

Sorry folks, but we’ve truly been hit by – been struck by – a smooth criminal here today.

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