This Pup Born With A Paw Print On Its Nose Is A Very, Very, Good Dog

We recently brought you the story of Lucy the selfie pup, the dog born with a selfie on her ear. She is a wonderful dog, and deserves all of the love and attention forever.

Yes, Lucy is a great and special pup, and we definitely do not need to pit cute and special dogs against each other to decide a winner.

However. If we did do that, we would have to share with you the story of this pup, whose photo was just posted and rated on the great Twitter account We Rate Dogs, an account that posts cute photos of dogs, and nicely rates those dogs in amusing ways.

There are lots of great dogs on the account, but this one in particular caused a stir, and at this point in time, has over 21 000 retweets. It’s a little tiny cute pup, born with a paw print on the nose.


I say ‘unbelievably’ because there is actually a chance that someone has drawn onto the dog’s regular nose in order to create this amazing paw print nose, but for now I feel like being optimistic. We all need to believe in something.

It is my firm believe that Lucy the selfie pup  and this paw-nosed pup should meet and have a photo taken together, and then I can finally die, overwhelmed by the beauty and cuteness of animals.

Just for good measure, here are some other good dogs from the account.

Good dogs, one and all.

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