Pets are perfect sweet baby angels. This is an indisputable fact. Because they are so pure, they deserve to be absolutely spoilt. And what better way to spoil your fur-baby than to buy them very fancy accessories that are far better than anything you yourself own? Like… Le Creuset food bowls, for example.

Yep, the cast-iron cookware & stoneware specialists have ventured into the pet market, with a niche range of pet bowls and storage solutions. Not only are they adorable and luxe, they’re also chic – if you’re obsessed with interiors and hate that your pet’s water bowl is stainless steel when your apartment is more of a kitsch vibe, welcome to your new favourite things.

Le Creuset Large Pet Food Bowl, $59

The food storage container is also adorable and will sit delightfully next to your other kitchen stuff, as opposed to a half-opened bag of kibble.

Le Creuset Pet Food Container, $59

And if you want to get really fancy, there’s the footed pet food bowl. This feels very much like something a cat needs, to be honest.

Le Creuset Footed Pet Bowl, $49

The prices aren’t too crazy, either. Given these stoneware items will last you a lifetime, what’s 40 or 50 bucks?

They’re all available now via Le Creuset’s Australian site.

Image: Le Creuset