A Comprehensive List Of All Animated Disney Dogs To Brighten Ya Bad Day

Disney dogs

I have the fondest memories of my childhood – watching my brother teaching me how to climb a tree, watching my brother fall out of said tree and hitting his head on the rocks below, watching my brother get stitches in said cracked head. Yep, childhood was a ride.

Except for the fact that we were never allowed a dog. I dunno why, it wasn’t like Mum and Dad were evil dog-haters, I think Dad just didn’t like the idea of dog fur being all over the house which look, so fair.

Because I never had a real-life pup to play with, I’d have to watch Disney flicks to get my dog fix. It worked a treat too, although usually it’d just make me want a dog even more so I kinda shot myself in the foot there.

So, in honour of all of those dog-lovers who never got to actually own one, let’s take a trip down canine lane and reminisce about all of the Disney dogs that lit up our dogless lives.


I don’t care what anybody says, Nana is an international treasure and should be treated as such.

The doting dog looks after all three of the kids, cleans up after them, nurtures them like they’re her own litter, and yet here we are focusing on Peter Pan and those kids. I demand a movie based on Nana immediately.


You guys, I know that there are literally 101 dalmatians to choose from and everyone’s entitled to their own favourites but honestly, watching Rolly stealth-swipe the luncheon meat straight outta the crook’s sandwich is everything I’ve ever wanted in a dog.

On top of that, he constantly complains that he’s hungry which is the most relatable I’ve ever found a fictional character ever.

3. DUG, UP

Ah jeez, even talking about Up is giving me seven levels of stress, I still haven’t fully recovered from that movie.

The entire movie is an emotional gut-punch and I honestly don’t know what the audience would do without Dug – the adorable, talking pup that tags along on the journey.

When you’re not crying, you’re laughing, and I’ll forever have “SQUIRREL!” to thank for that.


When I was younger, these two dogs were absolute goals for future me.

While I’m yet to have my own Lady and the Tramp moment with a string of spaghetti (namely because I hate sharing food), the loved up dogs continue to give viewers hope that one day, they’ll find the Lady to their Tramp, or the Tramp to their Lady, or the Tramp to their Tramp, or…yeah okay you get it.


Not even kidding, Eric would be completely useless if it wasn’t for Max.

Let’s investigate, shall we? Max is the one to alert Eric that Ariel has washed up on the shore. Max is the one that smells a fire on the boat. Max knows that Ursula‘s beautiful body double is bad news. Max knows everything. Give him all of the medals.


Buster growing from an excitable little pup to an old, lethargic good boi is a testament to the filmmaking behind the Toy Story franchise – the attention to detail is ridic.

Plus, isn’t he just the most adorable little animated pet you’ve ever seen in your life? I can’t even imagine how many kids begged their parents to adopt a dog as soon as they laid their eyes on Buster.


I have mixed feelings about the witch in Beauty & The Beast turning an innocent little animal into a legit footstool. On one hand, what did Sultan ever do to the witch? On the other hand, I feel like being a footstool would be quite a chill experience.

On that note as well, I’d much rather be lugging around a teacup on my back than a full-grown child. Maybe the witch was doing Footstool a favour?


I never thought I’d be jealous of a cartoon dog before but here we are.

Ol’ mate Percy is living his best life in Pocahontas – as he should be. It really made me wonder whether dogs actually enjoy dog food or if they’d prefer to chill in a bubble bath, feasting on perfectly ripe cherries without a care in the world. Who wouldn’t?


If you ever need proof that dogs are better than cats, look to Cinderella. Not to badmouth anyone but Bruno takes a lot of guff from the cat and because he’s a humble dog, he just lets it slide.

In hindsight, Bruno would’ve taught a lot of viewers the art of patience – or at the very least that cats are just worst.


That head tilt – my heart can’t handle it.

Bolt is the epitome of a good boi. He’s everything a dog should be and I’m all for a Disney character voiced by John Travolta with Miley ‘Party In The USA’ Cyrus co-starring. I completely forgot what an absolute ride Bolt was. All the mems.

Anywho, I strongly suggest you revisit all of the flicks if you’re in dire need of some 11/10 dogs in your life, it’ll perk you right up.