Pet Circle’s Tossing Up To 40% Off Pet Food This Month, So Everybody’s Getting A Lil Treat RN

Pet Circle sale
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Attention, you filthy animals – um, actually I was referring to that furry creature sitting beside you – the barkin’ mad folks over at Pet Circle are throwing a “Feast-ival” sale on pet food right now, so it looks like it’s treats all round.

That’s right all you cool cats and kittens, you can expect to catch up to 40% off your pet’s fave food brands, from Advance to Hills Science and those delicious Greenies dental treats.

If you’re unfamiliar with Pet Circle, think of them as a one-stop pet shop. Not only do they stock a wide variety of food supplies, toys and grooming necessities, but they often do ’em for real cheap!

But the best part is that they even let you create Auto Deliveries, so you can just set-and-forget your sweet fur child’s monthly food shop. The same goes for litter as well as their monthly tick and worming treatments. They even throw a nice lil discount on top for your valued commitment.

Oh, and did I forget to mention they also offer free 24/7 online vet advice? Screw forking out a hundred bucks (or more) at your local vet, just flick Pet Circle a message and their team of vets will get back to ya with dietary recommendations and health advice.

Alrighty, by now your dog probably has a line of drool dribbling out of its sad, empty gob. Let’s talk about the best deals you’ll find during Pet Circle’s ‘uge sale.

Up to 40% off dog food

Your pooch is about to start eating better than you thanks to this Pet Circle dog food sale. For starters, there’s plenty of Royal Canin deals, which will allow you to supply the right nutrients relevant to your dog’s breed. Otherwise, there’s plenty of Advance to stock up on.

Up to 40% off cat food

Pet Circle sale

My cat, Pearl, lives on the Royal Canin ragdoll dry food. She doesn’t even like wet food nearly as much as she loves to munch on this kibble. But even if your cat isn’t on Royal Canin, there’s still plenty of deals on Advance, Felix and Paw & Spoon to swipe.

Up to 30% off treats

For the dogs in the house:

For the cats:

Extra deals on feeding bowls and toys

Pet Circle sale

In case you need to update your furry friend’s bowls or perhaps slow down their eating habits, Pet Circle also have a bunch of feeding accessories on sale for lick mats to snuffle mats.

Each of these are designed to stimulate your dog’s mind, forcing them to use their nose and paws to get to all those delicious treats they’d normally inhale in a second.

Check them out below: