Just when you thought TikTok had run out of possible challenges that it could throw our way, in comes the Pinterest Challenge. Yes, a challenge that requires just your face, an app and a Pinterest account. Finally, something that doesn’t require learning dance moves or devouring a spoonful of cinnamon! I’m in.

The Pinterest trend started on TikTok as a way to make others feel better about themselves. Essentially, all you have to do is take a selfie using Pinterest’s camera feature, and then have a look at the lookalike results that the app throws your way.

Now, for some people, the results will show some super attractive people, which is one hell of a confidence boost if you ask me. Imagine feeling down about how you look, and then someone tells you that you look extremely similar to hot people? I mean? Yes, please.

Here’s an example of one of the more pleasant results from the Pinterest challenge taking over TikTok.


okay but my confidence kinda peaked for a second because the girls that popped up were gorgeous #greenscreenvideo #pinterest #fyp

♬ original sound – Lars Sievers

Now here is where the fun starts. Some people on TikTok have received some pretty bad results from Pinterest when they attempt the challenge.

I’ve been sitting here watching so many videos from the trend’s page, and I am absolutely losing it at some of these videos. These poor people omfg.


NONE OF THEM EVEN LOOK LIKE ME ???????? #pinterest #trend #ItWasntMe

♬ original sound – Lars Sievers


#greenscreenvideo #foryou janet is a queen nonetheless

♬ original sound – Lars Sievers


i feel violated ???????? #fyp #pinterest #trend #ItWasntMe

♬ original sound – Lars Sievers

Naturally, I was curious about the trend after seeing so many people get absolutely destroyed by the app, and I can now say that I was hate-crimed by Pinterest.

Please take a look at the results of my endeavours. I am screamingggg. According to Pinterest, I am either a child or an older man. Hate it here.


I absolutely wouldn’t take that as my result, so I tried again with more of a pose. Fixed my hair a little. Did a little smirk.

Sure the results weren’t exactly AMAZING, and the app still thinks I’m a teenager, but at least they are a little closer to how I think I present myself. I’m still screaming though.


If you’re still confused as to how the hell you can do this challenge, here is a handy video to break it down for you.

Please, if you have batshit results, send them right to me. Join me in feeling this pain.


Reply to @miasbaraglio i hope this helps everyone… a little ~tutorial~ #greenscreenvideo #pintrest #fyp #tutorials

♬ original sound – Lars Sievers

If you need me, I’m going to be promptly deleting Pinterest and pretending this trend never happened.