Remember that viral Aussie internet meme Trent from Punchy? Well, the first frame from the OG vid is now being sold as an NFT. What a world we live in, hey?

Over ten years ago, the world was introduced to Trent from Punchy. A chaotic bogan found at Punchbowl Station, who was paid $20 to do an interview. Many people thought he was real, because let’s face it, we’ve all met a dude like him before. Turns out it was just the great acting skills of Nicholas Boshier, who went on to become one half of the Bondi Hipsters.

Regardless of whether Trent is real or not, he’s an Australian icon. So it’s very fair that TheMacTime (the boys behind the vid) have decided to capitalise on the iconic video and sell a first frame export of original footage as an NFT. You can check it out here.

The frame is in full resolution (unlike the YouTube vid), so you really get to see that mullet in all it’s party-in-the-back glory. Why wouldn’t you want to buy it?

If you’re still confused by what the fuck NFTs are, but just pretend to know about them whenever the conversation comes up…then you’re not alone. Like an old person with an iPhone, I also fumble around with the term and hope for the best.

So here’s what I know: NFTs stand for non-fungible tokens. Basically, it means that these tokens have unique properties that mean they can’t be exchanged with something else.

NFTs are digital files, so the only way to prevent them being duplicated is through a digital certificate of ownership that can be bought or sold.

Some people have dropped mad bank on NFTs, which is why they’ve suddenly caught the attention of the wider public. In February, an animated Gif of Nyan Cat sold for more than $500,000. Kate Moss also recently sold a modelling video of herself lying in bed for $16,000.

Let’s hope this trend stays around, because I would pay top dollar for the original video of Corey Worthington refusing to take off his sunglasses.

Image: TheMactime