The romance that swept a nation, Rhonda + Ketut, has been set to rights once more after hateful usurper “Trent” crawled back into the hole from whence he came, and Rhonda officially chose Ketut. Considering the pair are most definitely in true love, which we know because of a series of sexually charged advertisements brought to us by AAMI™ Insurance, it would undoubtedly have broken Australia’s heart and caused widespread rioting and/or civil unrest, had Trent been victorious. To everyone who voted for Trent: pull your bloody head out.

Thrilling final installment:

Mazel tov, Rhonda and Ketut!

This whole saga is unequivocal proof that never-ending, life-changing love does exist, AAMI sure does know how to milk and we, as a nation, need to get out more.

Rhonda Chooses Ketut Because, True Love And Advertising Smarts
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