A TikToker Has Proven Once & For All That Tracy Grimshaw Did, In Fact, Star In Shark Tale

Tracy Grimshaw from A current affair did star in shark tale

A TikToker has gone to extreme lengths to determine whether former A Current Affair news anchor Tracy Grimshaw actually did star in the banger 2004 animated film Shark Tale. Turns out, she bloody well did!

Tylah Hill is the name of the creator who put his metaphorical goggles on for this very deep dive.


a current affair gonna be different without aussie legend tracy grimshaw

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“I played the film on Netflix, only to find [that] I couldn’t hear her voice in any of the movie and I couldn’t see her in the credits,” Tylah began.

“Then I found the movie on Stan and got the exact same results.”

So far, so not good for Tylah’s investigation.

But little did we know this journey was about to take a turn.

“I decided I needed to do my own investigation and get visual confirmation.”

Tylah then proceeds to track down and purchase an original Australian copy of the Shark Tale DVD. A release that would’ve occurred nearly two decades ago in 2005.

“It finally arrived. And then I realised I didn’t actually have a DVD player.”

Extremely relatable content. Come to think of it most of us would barely even have a TV.

Nevertheless, Tylah persevered and ended up playing it using his PS5 console.

We’re then shown the scene in which Tracy plays news reporter fish Katie Current. For the word nerds among us, Katie Current is is an exceptionally clever double, nay triple entendre of the name Katie Couric, an American TV journo.

“Trace the legend even made it into the credits,” said Tylah, concluding his investigation.

To complement Tylah’s efforts, we did a little bit of digging ourselves and found some more spicy info nuggets.

According to IMDb, the casting of a real-life local reporter wasn’t just exclusive to Australia.

Turns out the production team recorded a bunch of different well-known journos across the world to give the film a unique vibe in each country.

The Italian dub featured a journo called Cristina Parodi and Fiona Phillips starred in UK version.

The more you know!

Going forward, we must DEMAND Netflix and Stan upload the Tracy Grimshaw version to their databases.

It would simply be Un-Australian not to.