Pls Spare A Thought For This Poor Guy Who Attached His STD Test Results As A Job Cover Letter

A TikToker called Jacqui has shared the IRL tale of one of my actual nightmares. Instead of attaching his cover letter on his application for a dream job, he accidentally attached his STD results. But honestly the main takeaway from this story is we love to see people looking after their sexual health!

Jacqui, who goes by @jacqupot on TikTok, shared his vid with the viral “I wish I had a time machine” audio.

“That time I was applying for my DREAM job at my DREAM company but accidentally submitted a PDF of my STD results as my cover letter,” said the video’s text.

@jacqupot And thats on having #GayDHD ♬ original sound – Slowed Songs

This might be lowkey nightmare material but it’s also highly relatable. Who hasn’t accidentally uploaded the wrong cover letter/final essay/resume (or at least come very close to it)? Put simply, this is a mood.

Plus companies should be celebrating their employees practising safe sexual hygiene by getting tested! IMO it’s a far more important priority than how many shit, unpaid, lowkey exploitative internships you’ve done.

Jacqui’s video has 1.3 million views and a whole bunch of supportive comments.

“HR: ‘all negative nice, we stan a responsible king, hired,” one person wrote.

“Hey this feels like a win win. Aren’t employers looking for proactivity and team players in their employees?” another said.

Very good points were being made.

One user even said the vid made them feel better about having a typo on their cover letter. A bunch of people were commenting to ask whether Jacqui got the job, so he posted an update.

He explained that this was all happening at the height of the pandemic. Honestly, say no more.

“I was looking for a job [and] found this dream job,” he said.

“I drafted a beautiful cover letter, updated my resume … and applied.”

But then he “monumentally screwed up” by accidentally attaching the STD results he got back that day instead of the cover letter.

“I have ADHD so I tend to multitask a lot, so that’s probably where everything just went wrong,” he said.

“Thankfully all my tests were negative. I never heard back from the company, I’m probably blacklisted somewhere.”

“Probably there’s an HR note being like ‘do not interact’.”

@jacqupot Reply to @turtleenigmatic @jacqupot Explaining more about the STD / job application debacle #gaydhd ♬ Simplicity – Jon Steinmeier

Jacqui explained he wanted to share the story to destigmatize sexual health and STD checks. Plus he wanted to help reduce people’s anxiety about having typos in their job applications. King shit.

“I figured this is a good story so people feel less anxious over their own mistakes,” he said.

The comments were all very much Team Jacqui.

“Mistakes happen. If I were the employer, I would reassure the candidate it would not affect the application and hopefully have a mutual laugh,” said one.

I mean, an accidental STD test reveal is certainly one way to bond with your new boss.