Reluctantly back in Australia and even more reluctantly back on the job, the historic pasting that Prime Minister Scott Morrison is currently copping shows no signs of abating any time soon, and has now even extended to the point where absolute legend volunteer firefighters are brutally dunking on him to his face.

Press cameras following Morrison as he desperately tries to appear like he’s doing *something* as Australia endures a truly catastrophic spate of bushfires captured the Prime Minister attempting a little alley-oop of a press op, only for it to backfire completely.

Morrison attempted the casual meet and greet with a NSW RFS volunteer identified only as “Jacqui.”

It did not go well.

“He’s not my Prime Minister.”

Jacqui. JACQUI. Holy goddamned hell, what a Queen.

Imagine how badly you have to suck at being Prime Minister to have Volunteer Firefighter Jacqui straight-up tell you to fuck off on camera?

You’d have to physically try to be as shitty a Prime Minister as you could possibly be to get to a point where Queen Jacqui shakes your hand, looks you in the eye, and tells you to cram it with walnuts while she’s on the clock at a job she’s not even getting paid for.

You’d have to suck so fucking hard at being the Prime Minister to even get in the ballpark of wandering up to Jacqui The Mighty and having her shut your shit down on the spot like that.

You would have to be a big deadshit loser-ass piece of dogshit Prime Minister, to have that happen to you.

Queen Jacqui is a true Christmas miracle. May she reign forevermore.