A TikToker Got Trapped In A QLD Kmart & Tried To Escape As If Staying There Isn’t The Dream

Trapped Kmart TikTok

A Queensland man got stuck inside a Kmart after closing and managed to ungratefully escape, as if spending an entire night in Kmart isn’t the dream???? Honestly, the audacity. Very rude.

TikTok user @DansTube.TV recounted his little adventure in two parts, with the first video showing the lights go out while he is still browsing, and then his attempt at escaping before he is eventually rescued.

In the second video, he goes into a bit more detail and honestly, the fact that this man didn’t take the opportunity to sneak around and spend the night in Kmart as a little investigative spy is DISAPPOINTING.

“I then start running around the store thinking ‘What is going on?’ I start shouting ‘Hello? Is anyone here? I’m on my own?’” he said the video.


I got locked in a store today 🙈 #lockdown #kmart #meme #fyp

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After running around panicked because a motion sensor set off an alarm, the TikToker manages to communicate with a security guard through the grills of Kmart’s doors like some kind of shady criminal attempting to bribe a jailer for freedom. Truly, this is the stuff of epic tales.

The TikToker eventually has to wander around and try to find an alternate exit, leading him into a restricted area where he’s finally able to find a fellow human to free him from this prison (though in my opinion, it’s a sanctuary).

He ends up doing the walk of shame out the Kmart aisles before he is eventually freed.


Locked in a store – part 2 🙈🙈🙈

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When describing how on earth this even happened in the first place, he said he missed announcements that the store is closing.

“Lockdown in Queensland finished at 4pm. I filmed a video at home, I then got to Kmart at 5.50pm – had obviously missed the quarter-to and ten-to announcements [of] ‘Hey, we’re shutting soon,’” he said.

“I greeted the lady at the front and said ‘Hi!’

“I was then casually browsing the store for stuff and out of nowhere, boom, the lights go down and I’m in this situation thinking ‘What is happening?’”

Recounting the quest on TikTok, he said he still “can’t believe this happened”.

What I can’t believe, however, is how this didn’t happen to ME. (Actually it makes sense I haven’t been locked in a Kmart because I would never go to a store 10 minutes to close as I am too scared of the retail staff hating me).

This man may be free from Kmart, but he sure as heck ain’t free from the knowledge that I am disappointed. Next time, stay in Kmart and livestream it for the less fortunate, you coward!!!