The ABC Is Hiring Someone To Watch iView All Day & Make TikToks, Which Is A Gen Z’s Wet Dream

ABC iview

If you were looking for a sign to turn your hobby of watching TV and making TikToks into a day job, this is it. The ABC is hiring someone to watch iview all day, and make online content out of its long list of programs.

The job ad is a three-month paid contract that requires the employee to make short-form videos for YouTube, Instagram and TikTok about the content on iview.

“Content posted by the #ABCiviewer could cover anything from recommendations, Top 5s or highlighting hidden gems, to sharing movie favourites, singing tributes or reaction videos,” the ABC job description reads.

The selected #ABCiviewer will also receive mentoring from ABC experts in social media content and short-form audio production.

So how do you apply? You’ll need to watch some ABC iview and then create a minute long video, using the hashtag #ABCiviewer. A panel of experts will then judge the uploaded vids and select a winner.

If (like me) the thought of fixing up your resume and writing a cover letter literally haunts your dreams, then a minute video idea sounds like a pretty good deal.

They also haven’t specified what the content needs to look like, so if you’re uncomfortable in front of camera, you could literally do anything. Put your pets in it, or even one of your grandparents.

For more info, head to the ABC website here.