This TikTok Shows You The Best Way To Shave Yr Ass, So You Can Leave That Hairy Hole In 2021

As we are mere hours away from the new year, it’s important you take some important life skills into the year 2021. One of those skills is learning how to shave your asshole properly.

After watching many TikToks where people were confused about how to shave their glory hole, TikTok user @marcykay4real provided an in depth explanation of how it should be done, and all I can say is: thank you.


#stitch with @biotch_dad I really hope this helps I’m sorry if it doesn’t

♬ original sound – Marcy

So just to refresh this is how she says to do it.

“Lean back on your heels. Take your hand on the opposite ass cheek that you’re shaving.

“Take the opposite one and just pull it. Just fucking pull it ”

She then proceeds to demonstrate by mimicking how you would shave it in horizontal strokes.

“And get all the hair, and then do it to the opposite side.”

Brilliant. Absolutely-fucking-brilliant.

Since being posted, Marcy has amassed over 22M views and 6.3M likes. It’s received so much attention, that even Tinder left a comment.

It gets even better though, because Marcy responded to Tinders comment in the most unexpected but hilarious way. And I’m not just saying that so you keep reading. Trust me I nearly spat out my water when I watched it.


Reply to @tinder plz I am not kidding I am lonely

♬ original sound – Marcy

“Please unban my account, just because I was pretending to be OJ Simpson doesn’t mean I get to be banned. Ok, it’s not funny. Is there a problem with that?,” she said.

If you’re confused, then you’ve clearly never made a fake dating profile and I feel sorry for you. My best dating profile matches have been with fake profiles: a KFC bucket of chicken, a drawing of a cow and a spliff called Mr. Puff.

But a fake OJ Simpson profile definitely takes the cake. Don’t know if I’d match with it, but it really would depend on how lonely I felt that day. Welp.

Anyway, that’s it, 2020 is nearly done. And what better way to celebrate this shitty year than with an asshole?