WATCH: Scott Ludlam Sacrifices His A+ Mane For The World’s Greatest Shave

Today has been a good’un, because we’ve been clued-in to three very interesting facts:

  1. Greens Senator and PEDESTRIAN.TV certified dank memer Scott Ludlam has named his fabulous follicles Gary;
  2. Sacrificing Gary for the World’s Greatest Shave is noble, but it only takes about 72 hours for Gary to recover;
  3. The Shave Ludlam took part in – which raises funds for the Leukaemia Foundation – has managed to collect over $9000 for the cause so far. 
And, bonus fact: this video is utterly delightful, so you best observe him getting shorn right away.

Scott is doing the shave now!

Posted by Senator Scott Ludlam on Friday, 11 March 2016

While the senator obviously has a #STRONG hairline and will no doubt recover in… well, three days, according to him, the Shave itself is one of the better known fundraisers for the foundation. Last week, Ludlam spoke to a survivor of the disease who said the operations of the Foundation were very important to her treatment. 

If you’re in the giving mood, his fundraiser is currently a cool five hundy away from its $10k goal. 

Source: Facebook.