I regret to inform you that TikTokers are now shoving raw garlic up their nostrils to clear their sinuses. Please, snot this. Snot. This.

In a video that now has over 4.7m likes, TikToker Hannah Williams (@hwannah5) and her partner Jaden Dean decided to leave garlic cloves up their noses (Lorde knows why) and claimed that doing so cleans out your sinuses. Or, as it actually looks, results in a shit tonne of snot coming out of your nose.

In the video below, Dean removes the garlic after leaving them in his nose for a good twenty (20!!!) minutes. As he does, a giant snot bubble comes erupts out of his nose and lands in the sink. Disgusting. DESGUSTANG.

While the pair stressed that the stunt wasn’t dangerous, to me, it’s at least dangerous to look at. I’m warning you, this shit is foul. Watch it at your own discretion below.


****warning: Snot*** This is not dangerous. the garlic just clean your sinuses out. #comedy #safe #fyp #garlicinnose #shaquilleoneal @jdean40

♬ original sound – hwannah5

In a follow-up TikTok, Williams explained that not everyone seems to have the same result. For instance, when she tried it, nothing came out of her nose until she blew it.

“Nothing came out until I blew my nose,” she explained in a video reply to people asking to see how her nose reacted to garlic cloves being up there for as long as an episode of a sitcom.

“There was still quite a bit but my nose wasn’t stuffy when we did it and his [nose] was.

“We laughed because after we saw his, we were shocked I had nothing.”


Reply to @hwannah5 This shows you won’t get drastic results like his every time! #garlic #comedy #snot

♬ original sound – hwannah5

And, naturally, other TikTokers quickly joined in on the trend after this went viral.


Welpppp I Can Now Say I Will Sleep Better Tonight ???? #fyp #garlicinnose #sinusrelief

♬ original sound – Kolor Green


LOOOOOL I WANT THIS POPPINGGG #viral #fyp #xyzbca #foryoupage #eyes #garlic #garlicinnose #trend ????????

♬ original sound – King Crown


WARNING: KINDA GROSS LMAO????#fypシ #garlicinnose #lgbtq #TakisTransformation

♬ original sound – sienna


do you keep garlic or put in the fridge ? #viral #dmv #garlicinnose

♬ original sound – Savion????????


Apparently there’s a wrong way to put garlic up your nose / #Buffering #boburnhaminside #garlic #garlichack #garlicinnose

♬ ahAAAAA HAHAAAA – ryn, the mean lesbian wifeguy

Does shoving garlic cloves up your nose really clean out your sinuses?

Well, if you’re thinking of going for a quick runner to Woolies and grabbing garlic bulbs in bulk, I hate to break it to you but the science doesn’t align with this.

In a video dueting the original TikTok, Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler clarified that shoving garlic up your nose doesn’t actually clear your sinus. Rather, having garlic in your nose merely irritates your sinus and creates mucous.


#duet with @hwannah5 it’s just garlic irritating nose causing mucous, not cleaning out sinuses. Nice bubble!#garlic #nose #doctorsoftiktok

♬ original sound – hwannah5

So, there you have it. And here I was about to go and try it for myself.

Is it true? Apparently not. Is this new TikTok trend partly why my local Woolies completely sold out of garlic hours before Sydney’s two-week lockdown? Oh, absolutely.

Last month, TikTokers claimed that guzzling boiled lettuce water helps you fall asleep. Funnily enough, that hack was proved by science.