People Have Proper Lost It Over This Glitter Sunscreen By Unicorn Snot

Two things basically guaranteed to send beauty fans into a bloody meltdown – the mention of unicorns, and glitter. Combine the two, and you’re in for a viral sensation.

It happened for Too Faced with their Unicorn Tears lipstick two years back (and resulted in an entire Unicorn Tears-based line) and Farsali sold bucketloads of their Unicorn Essence serum.

Now, it’s an entire brand called Unicorn Snot and their glittery (!!!) SPF 30 sunscreens that are destroying the internet.

The sunscreens don’t drop until May, but you can pop yourself on the waitlist now – the site does ship to Australia however shipping costs are NUTS for the site, so you’d best go in with some pals.

Not to mention the hype is intense and it’s likely to sell the hell out quick-smart.

The sunscreen is broad spectrum SPF 30 coverage, and water resistant for 80 minutes. It also claims to be mess free – apparently the glitter sticks to you and won’t come off on clothes or swimmers. The glitter is also cosmetic grade and therefore safe for face and body use.

The only concern folks are having is whether the glitter’s gonna be biodegradable – considering glitter can be harmful to ocean life.

Hopefully we find out it’s biodegradable glitter?

The sunscreen will come in three shades – pink, gold and blue, sign up to the waitlist now if you’re keen.